Partnering with South Collective, join us for an exclusive PLAY travel experience in Cape Town. Where diverse landscapes, cuisines and cultures come together with the abundance of purpose, talents and goals.

What to expect on your 8 days in Cape Town

Greetings at PLAY


Reception and Welcome. Who are we? Where are we?

Get ready to PLAY.


Wake up for a hike in one of Cape Town’s iconic mountains and we journey through the day enjoying the city’s vibrant design ending up with a food experience you’ll never forget

Hiking with PLAY
City Exploring at PLAY

Explore the City

Realize why Cape Town is probably one of the most beautiful and complex cities on the planet. We’ll explore the city centre unveiling a few surprises and experiences that are off the beaten path.

Cape of Good Hope

The iconic Cape of Good Hope is our destination along with some surprises. Foraging for your meal is a trendy thing for some Capetonians and you’re invited.

Cape Point with PLAY

Epic Sunrises

The Sunrise is a particular experience as you rise and shine to another beautiful day in the Mother City for us to explore the mountains.

Time to Eat

The Food scene is very alive in Cape Town. Loaded with amazing restaurants, coffee shops, food markets and even an urban farm where your time to volunteer has come.

Wine Tasting

With over 300 wine estates surrounding Cape Town, let’s enjoy a unique wine experience in a biodynamic farm.

V&A Waterfront

The iconic waterfront is the venue for us to connect with South Africa’s entrepreneurial side looking at technologies and innovation that originate from here.

Visit The Waterfront with PLAY


Define and live your intention here and now


Leverage your strengths, talents and skills


Find a gratitude practice that deepens your connections


Align and move ahead on your goals

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