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Meet the South Collective Team

Eduardo Shimahara

Eduardo Shimahara A.k.a. Shima is Brazilian and currently lives in Cape Town. He has lived many different lives in many different countries.

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Sandra Chemin

Sandra is a Brazilian living in New Zealand. An internet pioneer, she was the founder of Hipermidia, the first digital agency in Brazil.

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Camilla Buenting

Camilla is a Brazilian that also found her way to Cape Town. She’s an active citizen, having lived in Germany, France, Brazil, and now South Africa, and having visited over 30 countries, always engaging with the local culture and projects.

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Andrew Cole

Andrew is a corporate communications expert with almost 20 years of experience consulting to, or working in, various blue chip companies in Canada and South Africa.

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Woon Peng Ziady

Woon believes we can live our purpose and make a positive difference in the world.

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Samuel Chevallier

Samuel Chevallier vision is to build a life into the future that holds a strong value system of both people and Planet.

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Elenice Tamashiro

Elenice is Brazilian and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Time and change have served as a stage for Elenice to craft her life path.

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Alistair Daynes

Ali is a Capetonian who lives through adventure, conservation, wildlife and the ocean.

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